My name is Ella and I am a PhD student at Clemson University’s Zucker Family Gradute Center in Charleston, South Carolina under Dr. Paige Rodeghero. In 2018, I decided it was time to pursue a graduate degree in the evenings while maintaining my full-time industry position. In 2020, the opportunity came up to switch from a masters to PhD program full time – so here I am!

When not studying, writing, or attending class, I enjoy playing video games with a tight-knit group of individuals that have stayed together since undergraduate days. Shout-out to all my Moira and Orisa mains in Overwatch! I also own a small laser-etching business that I run out of a spare room, it has been an absolute joy to share my work with others and motivate others to create.

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New Website!

31 Jan 2023
website updates

New year and new publications means its time for a refresh, site is a work in progress but the core of everything is here!