Participate in Research

Are you interested in participating in my research related to software and game development? Look no further!

Currently, I am looking to recruit participants who have watched and/or participated through chat features in a software or game development live stream in the last 90 days (three months).

This is a Clemson Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved research study about viewership habits and the phenomena surrounding live streamed development content.

Why am I researching live streaming, specifically software and game development?

  • I believe that education is not tied to a degree or piece of paper; we continue to learn even when not in a classroom setting! I want to explore live streaming as a learning modality for both streamers and viewers and expand our knowledge around the opportunities (and challenges) that arise in a non-traditional education setting. I also believe that software engineering and computer science education is a collaborative effort; why else do we see so many flourishing developer communities?

Why should you participate?

  • Provides personal insights like benefits, challenges, and motivations for live streaming viewership habits
  • Helps build an argument that live streaming could be used as an educational tool
  • Builds legitimacy around a life-long learning practice
  • Helps academics and researchers understand where formal educational systems might be letting students down (or where they are excelling!)

Are you interested in participating in a short survey on your live streaming viewership experiences?

  • All data from surveys will be anonymous

Are you interested in participating in a 30-45 minute interview on your live streaming viewership experience?

Sign up for an interview time slot here on Calendly when best suits you!

  • All data from interviewed will be anonymized